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May 21st, 2013, 20:36
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
You're posting the transitive verb.

You have to scroll down for the adjective. Try again
It's not there either. Continue to lie and misinform. See below corrupted one..

a : morally degenerate and perverted : depraved
b : characterized by improper conduct (as bribery or the selling of favors) <corrupt judges>
: putrid, tainted

: adulterated or debased by change from an original or correct condition <a corrupt version of the text>
corĚruptĚly adverb
corĚruptĚness noun

See corrupt defined for English-language learners
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Are you sure you're not talking about yourself? It sure sounds like you're talking about your own definition of what a definition is
Wow I know you like to make everything egocentric, but quoting a dictionary is far from it. These are kindergarten argument tactics Dart. Very poor form.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The theory was the proposition. You're not following too well
Wow! You can't change the subject of any argument to another imagined object after the fact. We were discussing the definition. You originally said the definition was corrupt. That still and continues to be gibberish.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
You mean you feel inferior for some reason that compels you to try and "best me" - and you fail again and again?
I'm sure you think the world all revolves around you, and you are always right. And that everyone should feel inferior to you, but no, you are wrong again and are a liar and an ass, and need to be called out on it.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
People aren't evil because you're not smarter than they are. It's not a crime, either.
haha, getting another false sense of superiority and liking underhanded assholery? We are not surprised.
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