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May 21st, 2013, 20:49
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
It's not there either. Continue to lie and misinform. See below corrupted one..
Tainted is there and debased literally means inferior (of lower quality).

Yes, I'm clearly the liar.

Wow I know you like to make everything egocentric, but quoting a dictionary is far from it. These are kindergarten argument tactics Dart. Very poor form.
It would seem even kindergarten tactics is a challenge for you

Wow! You can't change the subject of any argument to another imagined object after the fact. We were discussing the definition. You originally said the definition was corrupt. That still and continues to be gibberish.
Yes, it's corrupt - because it's been corrupted after being put to use. I explained this already. The theory (or proposition, if you prefer) was a good one (as in, it made good sense) - but after testing it, we came to see how X-Com wasn't really an RPG to us and how it was not reversable - meaning it would fail to identify a lot of games.

I know you don't agree - but you should be able to comprehend my meaning and why my usage of the word is quite acceptable. Oh, I don't mean that you will CONCEDE the point - but that you'll know I'm right inside yourself. That's enough for me.

I'm sure you think the world all revolves around you, and you are always right. And that everyone should feel inferior to you, but no, you are wrong again and are a liar and an ass, and need to be called out on it.
Yes - do go on

You're demonstrating my point with great clarity.

haha, getting another false sense of superiority and liking underhanded assholery? We are not surprised.
That would be the royal "we", right?

I can't wait for your next response, as I'm sure is a sentiment shared by many expecting productive exchanges in this thread. Wouldn't you agree?




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