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May 21st, 2013, 21:36
Originally Posted by Thrasher View Post
Nope. Not in this context. Debased and tainted in the context of corrupted means modified to be made worse. The definition of an RPG is what is it is. Is has not been modified to made worse. Try again.
Yes, it's been made worse. That's why it's debased. It's not a definition until it works as a definition. It was a good proposition but it failed after being tested. We've been through this a few times.

Everything is a challenge unless you are the great egocentric Dart. No, your transparency is far from a challenge. But I'm sure you'd like to think otherwise.
I'm just responding to your increasingly irrational insults and name-calling. You've stepped into la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you mode.

That's poor logic. A definition doesn't not change or become corrupted when tested. It becomes invalidated, but even in this case it was not. You still haven't made clear what the NPCs interactions are that make the new XCOM pass the criteria. They need to be meaningful and not just menu facades.
It was a proposition for a definition. At least, that's how I saw it. You may have seen it differently - but we're talking about my usage of words.

Yes, I've made it clear what those interactions were. You actually said "that explains it" - but I guess it didn't. The new X-Com has a personal researcher giving you advice if you ask for it - and she will research what you ask of her. Actually, it has several NPCs that work like this - that you talk to. It also has actual rescue missions where you need to talk to NPCs and guide them to safety.

haha, yeah, right, you don't care about convincing anyone, and then say this. OK, that's disingenuous psychotalk.
Indeed, if you say so - it's obviously true.

Uh no, we as in the other members of this board. I don't refer to myself that way, it's very egocentric, but I figured you'd resonate with it. Thanks for proving my point.
So, speaking for the other members of this board without asking them isn't egocentric?

Ok, gotcha




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