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May 21st, 2013, 23:52

Thanks for the diagrams, the first one is spot on regarding the raw (singular) core elements, the other diagrams are irrelevant to the definition as they could not exist without the prime three.

From where i stand it It looks as if you might have had interaction and exploration crossed wired in the CPRG meter system? though they may appear similar they are not the same, the game world has to be explored before you are to able to interact with it. If you stand still at the game start and do not travel (explore) there will be no advancement of the other two core elements, storyline and character - in other words they are intertwined and dependant on each other.

1. Character progression relies on storyline and exploration.
2. Storyline advances with exploration and character advancement.
3. Exploration progresses storyline and character.

Combat is a sub-element because it can be bypassed for game progression, eg: by diplomacy, furthermore combat can cross the boundary lines of more than one core element, combat is the grey area of the whole system - as the second diagram clearly shows.

Every known RPG game sub element comes under the heading of one of the three core elements.

Contrary to the disbelievers we are nearing closer to a RPG definition, like it or hate it, the definition can be used for future reference and clarification as required by any gamer - most importantly it can be used to show if a game is a RPG or not.

Many thanks to members for the constructive input and comments.
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