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May 21st, 2013, 23:56
Definition of a crpg - revised

A crpg is a computer game that fulfills these criterions

Character Development
1) you can control 1 or more characters (Role-Playing!)
2) you get experience or skill points by questing (1 or more of these: exploring, win battles, solving riddles, solving quests)
3) by getting more experience you can level up your characters (skills, talents,…)
4) you can equip your characters with items you find, loot, shop for

5) you can explore the locations of the game (gameworld)
6) you can interact with NPCs or factions (-> quest givers)
7) you can manipulate the gameworld in some way

8) a story is told, that is more or less influenced by your actions
(ideally your choices have consequences)

9) the game includes some kind of combat that depends on your character and/or item level

Wulf said:
Contrary to the disbelievers we are nearing closer to a RPG definition, like it or hate it, the definition can be used for future reference and clarification as required by any gamer - most importantly it can be used to show if a game is a RPG or not.
I agree.
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