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May 22nd, 2013, 10:01
When reading PC gaming is dead, several manners to interpret: you can put that in the right context of the incoming console next gen games. You can dismiss the console next gen games is arriving and see that games will always be made on PCs.

I am fully aware PCs will always have games so…

A two world divide is looming ahead, worlds moving at different speeds.
The console world with developpers working hard to push an architecture to its maximum. Always new things to be tried, with developpers looking ahead instead of looking back, developpers excited by the new possibilities given by their toys.

The PC world, with less and less gaming strongholds that developpers would use to deliver games of their own mind.

They will always be games made on PCs:
-student class projects type.
-same old, same old, tried and tested game design type
-clumsy port type (if you watched the world premiere, you know that games are going to be even more designed to include the console new specificities with the consequences on UI, gameplay)
-graphically updated versions of old games (graphics whorism)

Console gaming: the first world of gaming, with all it means. Games designed for console players.
PC gaming: the third world of gaming.

And guess what - PC gaming is where INNOVATION is happening.
Serious? You know, the PC gaming world is that world where a huge reactionary movement is happening, leading players not only to stick to the unpractical to computers turn based sequence "IGOUGO" but also to reject any other form of turn based sequences as turn based sequences. If a game does not include the "IGOUGO" turn sequence, it is not turn based.

At the moment, you'll have a hard time giving a few names of innovative games coming from the PC scene. It will get even harder in the future.
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