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May 22nd, 2013, 12:23
@HiddenX and Wulf: I'd put NPC interaction in the story department. Or actually, split it up. The fact that you can interact with NPCs is part of exploration, how you interact with NPCs is part of Story (dialogues).

Either way, I like what you came up with so far. I was a fan of the original CRPG meter and am sure something can be devised to make categorization easier. That said, I appreciate the new symmetry and simplicity. Weighting will be necessary at some point.

I'd like to propose three attributes to further specify each main category and provide proper balance.
  1. degree of freedom — can you do whatever you want or are you limited in your actions?
  2. level of interactivity — how much can you actively interact with something?
  3. choice & consequence — are there different options available in regard to how you progress? Do they make a difference?
These are closely related but describe different things.

Character Development
You can control 1 or more characters (Role-Playing!). Characters progress.
  • degree of freedom: you can be or become whatever you want
  • level of interactivity: you can control aspects of your character (e.g. stats, skills, looks, equipment, professions)
  • choice & consequence: your character development choices have an impact on gameplay
You can explore the locations of the game (gameworld)
  • degree of freedom: you can reasonably go where you want
  • level of interactivity: you can manipulate items, the game world, interact with NPCs or factions (-> quest givers)
  • choice & consequence: you can follow different paths to reach a goal
A story is told, that is more or less influenced by your actions
  • degree of freedom: you can do what you want when you want to do it
  • level of interactivity: you can talk with NPCs about different topics
  • choice & consequence: you can make choices in dialogues or in the story as such, which may influence the story

The game includes some kind of combat that depends on your character and/or item level.
  • degree of freedom:
  • level of interactivity:
  • choice & consequence:
(Combat is a bit more abstract.. not sure.)

@HiddenX: Maybe open a new thread for this?
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