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May 22nd, 2013, 14:38
Rather then start my own thread I thought I might post on this one since it received help so quickly.
I'm looking for an old D&D style RPG that I played when I was a lot younger. I remember it came on a 3inch floppy (between late 80's early 90's I would think ((maybe mid 90's)). What I remember:

Started with several (I'm thinking it was four) characters that you controlled. They all had classes/ different weapons and armor they could use (I specifically remembered one having a sling.)

The game started in a medieval style town (2d ish, 1st person view). One big thing I remember was either a Tavern or Gambling hall where you could gamble your money; I believe it was like a spinning wheel but I can't be sure, and I think there was a skull and crossbones on it.

I also believe you could go outside the city (forested maybe?) but more of it was in underground tunnels that you entered (at least one section) from inside someones house where you also find a note from that person (Maybe we were supposed to meet the person and they went missing?).

I have been searching for a very very long time, scouring lists of pc d&d style games and cannot find it. It's definitely not eye of the beholder but maybe a lot like it. Also it might be similar to a German computer game like eye of the beholder but that one costs money to download so I didn't. Anyway…. any help I can get is very much appreciated.
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