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May 22nd, 2013, 23:02
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
I also remember "Action RPG" originally being used for Diablo and Diablo clones. However, that label has broadened quite some time ago, and I would today consider it to encompass both Diablo and decendants as well as games like Gothic, Divinity II, probably even Dark Souls - all games with enough RPG elements to fit the RPG label that use an action driven, player skill dependent, exclusively or primarily real-time combat system. Since its so broad its only moderately useful - Thus Skyrim would be an action RPG, but its usually more useful to call it a sandbox RPG, because thats a more defining characteristic.
Yes, that's my point. The word "action-RPG" started with Diablo as I've read the reviews going back to games that even predated Diablo, and the use of the word "action-RPG" is not there. JDR needs to give us examples reviews/articles that predate Diablo to validate his point.

Dart's example of Gauntlet being called an "action-RPG" at the time, of course, has no evidence to support that. As usual, he's talking out of his nether regions again, and would rather insult that actually provide anything constructive to the conversation unless it's about him. But then who cares?
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