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May 23rd, 2013, 05:49

here's a big update. I've been coding at night and on weekends.
I created but tracked down many bugs with the updates.

Big updates are the minimap and the multisave. The minimap took a week - a lot longer than I expected. It turns out I had a tile named 0 instead of O, but not before fixing it in a more organized way.

I've re-organized the camp screen. It was getting too large and unreadable. For small screens I may still create new buttons as text doesn't resize. It looks ok on my phone so for now I'll save some work.

You may notice level and a experience now indicators now. The formula took some playing around with but I got it where I want it now.

The progress bars are new too. I had to back out code out of an older copy of the game because that's when I started my new job in November. I hadn't touched and it was in broken state so I had to redo a number of things.

Not shown, I have a credits screen where I give attributions for those who made their work available. I learned scrollviews with that which I will likely need to implement when my map gets larger.

I have a proper title screen. The images there are placeholders of the icon you load the app with. I had a load button but I kept crashing. I may re-add it.

Speaking of loading I wasn't happy with having a single save and load option so I added 5 more! Really, that can be an indefinite number but I think 5 slots are fine. I discovered a bug with it in that the player's state was getting saved but not the map. In about 2 or 3 days work I resolved that.

Speaking of time I woke up the other day lucidly dreaming about how to do secret doors. A quick 1/2 hour before work I implemented them. In about 5 minutes after work the Minimap no longer gives them away!

Last things on the todo:
create the intro
replace title graphics
implement the other levels

I would also like to put a time stamp on the load game buttons.

PS - I ran into a nasty bug with the inventory. It seems when I dropped something weapon types sometimes got reset as item types so they couldn't be equipped. It had to do with not lining up properly in the inventory list so now there's a correlation with the placement on the drop list to the players inventory. Its not how I wanted it but its minor and now the player can count how many slots they have available.
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