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May 24th, 2013, 05:05
The Spirit Engine 2 (RPG):

I guess The Spirit Engine 2 counts as a jRPG, or at least a hybrid. It used to be a commercial game but it's now freeware. Basically it's a side-scrolling, party-based RPG with real-time exploration and phase-based combat. I haven't completed it, but so far - about 10 hours in - I think it's quite good (I've read it's maybe 12 hours long). It's not fantastic, but definitely worth a go for someone who likes the concept. The story, combat and characters are it's strongest points. I *think* it works on Windows 7, even though the site doesn't mention it (it states 98 - Vista).

Guardian of Paradise (action-adventure):

Also a game I haven't completed yet, but would still recommend. It's an action-adventure in the Zelda tradition, created by a Japanese developer called 'Buster' (probably his nick). It's freeware. Works on XP and 7, don't know about Vista.

EDIT: The GoP link was to a site without the W7 version, fixed.
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