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May 24th, 2013, 11:25
In a game where one player controls all party members, I don't think it adds anything to the game to split gear up across 6 screens.

Of course it does. It adds the ability to logically sort items according to the character that will be using them. The only way this unified inventory can work well is if players never have to actually USE IT for anything. If they're just going to do a check to see if the player has item_x and then make use of it automatically then that's not really an inventory at all, is it? It's a graphical listbox. Which is better than what ME2 did, but not by much. Edit: I'm guessing they've got XCOM inventory in mind, not ME2.

There's no mental challenge to the process of organizing items across the screens. It's just busywork.

That "busy work" adds to suspension of disbelief, which last I checked was a pretty critical, not just in RPGs and not even just in games but in any sort of fictional narrative.

What I'm wondering is what they gain by this unified inventory. Implementing it per character instead of only once globally is a trivial bit of coding and considering the downsides, not least of which is the unnecessary confusion players, especially the more anal-retentive ones, will feel, it doesn't seem like a move they would have made for no reason.

Anyway, be that as it may, I'm looking forward to this game a lot. However, I just realized while perusing that link after not having played any D&D based games in quite some time how silly and gratuitously complicated the 3.5 and etc rules for that game system seem to me now. Too many gimmicks by far. I miss my old D&D. I miss inventory systems, too. I suppose in a year or two there won't even be player characters anymore, we'll just have a little customizable bot script that does everything for us while we sit there slobbering on our keyboards. Which will be great for tablets since they don't have keyboards and people generally use them while they are supposedly doing something else, anyway.
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