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May 27th, 2013, 23:27
The die has been cast….. err the papers have been drawn. Strangely enough HiddenX, who has a load of tickets did not come in first. That's statistics for you.

As you could know from the donations page all those who are selected get to choose one reward. The first person drawn gets to choose first, the second after that, etc. Each person can select only one reward, so it did happen that I draw papers belonging to the same person more than once. In those cases I redid the draw until it was a paper of a person not drawn before.

Here is the resulting order:
1. Vamatt99218
2. HiddenX
3. Maylander
4. Kroto
5. Oelwyn
6. JuliusMagnus
7. Anonymous
8. Gabriel
9. Anonymous
10. Arhu
11. Gozioso
12. Maximous
13. Enhorning
14. Tomasp3n
15. Omega
16. Holly Avenger
17. Pongo
18. crpgnut
19. Figment
20. jhwisner
21. Greg McD
22. Von Paulus
23. Kyrer
24. Fantasm
25. Sacred_path
26. Lurking Grue
27. PegasusOrgans
28. Galaad
29. Bundyo
30. Sakichop
31. Anonymous
32. Wolfgrimdark

I will contact all of the above to see what reward they want. It might be that for certain persons nothing of interest is left and that as much as I try, I am left with some awards.
Instead of drawing again and again with the chance that still nobody wants it and having to spend lots of time on this, I propose that I list the remaining awards here and that all those who have donated but not won, PM me or send me a mail to state what they want from that list. If there are more persons who want the same reward, I will draw between them.

Watch your mailboxes (and spam folders).
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