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June 1st, 2013, 13:14
For further clarity you have to ask, does the TW2 in any way follow or expand on the story of TW1. If it does (and we all know Andrzej Sapkowski books are strong in story) then Ihaterpg has a valid point….not in itself that any game can be played fully in its own right without the need to have had to play a previous series related game.

It's been some time since i've played them, i forget the inter-relationship of the stories.

Will TW3 progress further the storyline ? If it can be proved (by any knowledgeable gamer) that the derived games fit or relate to the witcher novels story in a progressive manner then i would agree with Ihaterpg.

An example would be to play all three games in reverse order then ask would it have been a better experience to have played them in numerical game release order - or - was the story stronger or weaker across the series.
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