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June 1st, 2013, 13:21
Yeah I will keep faith in the people developing the game and not 3000 people saying a million different things on their forums. Sorry, but Wasteland came out in the late 80's. They have more exp. in game development then most companies. Do I want to play their vision of a game or that of a bunch of whiners and trolls that pop up on any forum ever created?

When they ask for advice they do polls and such. People that want to micro manage every one of their decisions better have given them $10,000 during their K/S campaign. I gave them a lot of money and that was given to Brian Fargo because I have faith in him and his company. I do not have faith in a bunch of babies sitting at their computer crying about every little decision they make

Those people need to start their own K/S project and I will be happy to bitch on your forums about every decision that is made. Sorry, angry rant over but some people will never be happy no matter what is made or done.
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