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June 2nd, 2013, 21:18
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
One suggestion: I think it's better to split the points for combat and non combat skills so that they are allocated separately. Generally people don't want to nerf their combat abilities by putting points into skills that are only relevant in different situations out of combat.

Perhaps you might consider giving different numbers of bonus points for each category of non combat skill and making it so that different classes get different bonuses in each category. For instance a "scout" might be better at locks/detection etc. and get more bonus point in that category. One way of doing this might be to relate bonus points to attributes so that high intelligence would give a character more bonus points for knowledge skills etc.
What isn't obvious from the screenshots is that all classes start with points in some skills already (for example, a Scout might already have points in Bows, Bluff and Disable Traps) before they buy any skills.

Also not obvious is that skills cost more and more for each point you put into them, and can only go so high. That might lead to people branching into other skill sets.

Even still, I will give it some thought.
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