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June 2nd, 2013, 21:47
Before I go through my pampflets I received and took at the RPC (I'll most likelöy do that tomorrow), a few things now from yesterday & today :

- I played the first 3 levels of "Giana Sisters : Twisted Dreams". If you loved Trine, then take a look at it !

On the other hand :If you loved this Giana Sisters game, take a look at Trine !

It's such an wonderful game. HAh, all of these memories ! Me, playing Commander Keen, Dunke Nukum, Blues Brothers, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures (only the Shareware version, still don't have the full game) and any other jump & run game I could get hold of ! I was young …
And now I felt young again ! 20 years into the past - jump & run galore !
I just love this game now. I'll be my very first GOG buy within the next few months.

After having played Giana Sisters, I believe that I should have supported this game when it was at Kickstarter. But, well, I can still support them by buying it …

Giana Sisters can be played through a controller or by keyboard - whereas we found that one of both keyboards lying before me somehow couldn't "see" 3 keys pressed at the same time - the other could. (3 keys pressed at the same time is something not really required at one point, because it can be circumvented by quickly pressing the 3rd key after releasing the other two or at least one of them - but it makes things much eastier in terms of timing the key pressings.)

I talked to several ones of the employees there. As usual, I don't remember any names - to be honest, it didn't matter much to me.

They are currently developing a co-op game called Ravensdale, and a kind of add-on to Giana Sisters.
I was told that they didn't know yet whether they'll do a second Giana Sisters game or not.

About Ravensdale I know next to nothing - and they were able to show only artwork, meaning that they are still very early into the game. The graphics I saw, however, were extremely colourful - similar to the Giana Sisters.

Regarding my hestitating to use STeam-bound games, one of the employees said that my opinion was understandable - he actually said that he had "drawn a line" with not buying anything Origin-bound (meaning Origin by Electronics Arts).

There's a new Final Fantasy MMORPG coming - and Open Beta invites were given to those who were giving in their E-Mail addresses.
Me, I decided not to participate, because FF really isn't very much my style and setting …

Hm, okay, I think that's it for now. There are a few other games by smaller developers on my sheets & papers, but I'll sort them out tomorrow.
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