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June 3rd, 2013, 01:17
Oh fuck yeah. Brofist x10, the Machinist was an unbelievable film. One of those rare films that i watched, then re-watched immediately afterward. Great movie, stellar performance by Bale. Worthy of actually owning on DVD. I wonder if there's a director's cut or something with additional footage that wasnt originally released.

But I must step back a second, and regurgitate the hideous mass residing in my brain after viewing "Texas Chainsaw" last night. The new one, that just came out. Omfg…. where do i begin..

Do i even want to begin??

Just do yourself a favor and never EVER watch that film, it's absolutely horrible. This is from someone who loves horror, from someone with undoubtedly questionable taste. Someone who knows and accepts that the horror genre itself, probably more than any other genre, is loaded with horrible sequels, remakes, re-tellings, re-envisionings and is willing to cut some slack. I love the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part 2 is a masterpiece, "Leatherface" is great, and even tho "the next generation" is pretty awful, still within it's own little hideous realm it's nowhere as bad as this latest film.

The Evil Dead remake, however was awesome. Straight up horror, they didnt go for laughs or fun, or action. Solid, scary, gory, instant classic re-telling of Evil Dead. I cannot recommend it enough. Even the Dawn of the Dead remake, released a while back ago, wasnt bad. Night of the Living Dead remake was pretty cool

Texas Chainsaw, however…. please dont patronize this film and encourage the idiots that made it!
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