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June 3rd, 2013, 10:35
I am no fan either of DRM or stealing/ piracy. However I have on occasion removed the DRM from my games to protect the disk media while speeding up the game. Now I tend to only buy DRM free games from the likes of GOG but it does limit what you can buy.

I also wonder whether these "always on-line" games allow the passing of information back to the publisher and developer on how the game is actually played by the average gamer. Perhaps I am being paranoid. Steam has the achievements for most (all?) games and I have wondered if this provides information on how the game is played. I know that for some games it provides a source of re-playability or challenges like with "And Yet It Moves" but still could the information be a source of revenue? Sales and Marketing in any company loves information and can't get enough to help them understand their market.
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