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June 3rd, 2013, 11:00
I love GoG and their approach to make old games playable using DOS box etc.
This alone is worth the price even if you could get an old game elsewhere.

However I don't care so much for the DRM discussion. I use Steam for most of my new games because it is the easiest method to keep you games up to date and to migrate to a new PC by simply re-downloading. Moreover you can play most Steam games off-line, if you disable the steam community and the cloud saving features in the game preferences.

That said, I buy all older games from GoG, whenever possible and like very much that they made Wizardry 8 available recently.

I have only one suggestion for improvement: Make completely separate lists for old games and for new games (mostly indies). While I support their support for indies, I am mainly only interested in "Good old Games and would like to see them in their own list.
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