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June 3rd, 2013, 12:09
The gog downloader keep you updated about the new versions, but ok the upgrade isn't transparent as in Steam if you set it auto update.

On Mac installation is just drag&drop for many games so that's very cool. And Steam client forced launch is a real nuisance. And no I won't disconnect my internet each time I want launch a game and not have steam client do the whole procedure.

As I launch more more often games than I update them, Gog or Gamersgate are easy winners for me. But I have much more games on Steam because they are very talented to sell games, I can't count the number of crap in my Steam library that I'll probably never play. But that point is also why I'm tuning down my Steam usage because I know that if I launch their client too often ie if I launch Steam games too often, they'll trick me. :-)

The DRM debate is very complicated.

EDIT: And if Steam forced/pushed approach to make free a Mac release when you have the PC release is a burden for Mac games, Steam jump into Mac gaming has most probably been a bless too for Mac gaming. But at same time Apple launched their Mac App version so it's difficult to know what started the rebirth of gaming on Mac, probably both and that's really the only reason why I keep a good estimate to Steam and still use it relatively often.
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