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June 3rd, 2013, 12:51
Cool review, quite a good job.

Originally Posted by Zloth View Post

For whatever reason, you're stuck with just two weapons at once. What I found fun was to use a weapon until I got the achievement for it then switch to something else. That keept the variety going.
Ha ha, I'd love have seen such comment for Duke Nukem Forever, not see only the negative but what's positive. In DNF it's definitely a way to push player stop using the same weapon again and again, and allow design specifically some area to some weapons (for example some other weapons would make it too easy or too similar than other parts). And it's the only way I have seen working to put back some ammo management in shooters. All just failed it without using a trick and for now the only trick I have seen work well is the DNF trick.

I really wonder why I couldn't get into that series (Bioshock) and worst is they got a very good Mac Port. It's jaw dropping for graphics, mood, level design and exploration, story telling, action design (expect perhaps controls a bit too complex for me, at least in the 1) , and more. But after some hours and few sessions I get bored and stop and don't come back. That said because of controls the 2 sticked me a bit longer. And no way I won't buy the Mac port that, if rumors are right, shouldn't be too much delayed.

I think one point totally pollute my enjoyment, it's too many enemies that look too much the same, but I doubt it's the only reason explaining why that game series doesn't work for me.
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