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June 4th, 2013, 01:21
I didn't think the movie really got going into the ship started plummeting.

I also think this was the most common direction from Abrams, "OK, now in this scene, stare just off camera and start to cry."

I did like the reversal scene and the Kirk's motivations make a lot more sense. I love the resolution, and the reference to the "Mudd Incident" makes the tribble resolution make sense for fans of the ST:TAS.

Spock's motivations though, do not - Nimoy seemed to forget to remind Abrams that his personal passivist viewpoints count for all Vulcans. Its why the ending in City on the Edge of Nowhere had to change to Kirk stopping Bones from saving Joan Crawford and not Spock stopping Kirk (something Ellison never understood in his book on the subject). Concerning Spock's motivations, Abrams also forgot the plot of The Cage, - especially over Pike's death (in The Cage Spock mutineed to save Pike). Speaking of Pike, a great plot device was lost - didn't he have a bug in his ear?

I did note that Uhura is probably the only actress in Hollywood who can speak both Klingon and Naboo (just to reference another lame movie).
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