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June 4th, 2013, 02:29
Originally Posted by Mentarch View Post
The game and Fantasoft are still alive. Go there for with all necessary info to download/register Realmz and scenarios: http://rlmz.org/
Mmm as far I remember the Windows version had many bugs and I quote the OSX version is just a wrapper of windows version ie same bugs.

Moreover all scenario has disappeared. That's a huge lost because The Swords Lands trilogy was something rather special.

As much weird is the opportunity lost of an ios port and rehash of Mac version.

Myself I have all the codes of all scenario but they won't work for windows version, only for an old OS version which is really a pain to run in an emulation. Moreover the codes for all scenario but few have been put during some time on the site pages but stupidly I didn't get them, the point is Windows version always worked less well so I didn't bother.

People don't move because the legal owner gave up the game but never the rights. And alas that includes the scenario made by other authors like The Swords Lands trilogy. This game is a quite sad story, Jeff Vogel survived this story but he never reach the quality of best scenario released for Realmz. Moreover he still haven't implemented anything close to the events management of Realmz. Alas not only Realmz was a commercial failure but also its programming is certainly very far to be clean.

EDIT: Ok I'm very very old and my memory is leaving! I found the free codes, it's not for all scenario but only very few, the current version seems already include them. I also found my codes of all scenario but the last more recents, but it seems they are available to download on the site, it's only missing one of a trilogy, the third in the trilogy. I'm not sure if they work only with the Mac version, but my real name is required and I won't throw it, sorry guys.

EDIT: Yeah anyway there's most chance they are Mac only codes, I found the free codes for both windows and Mac version and they are different for the same user and same scenario.

EDIT2: Well in order page all official scenario seems available to order. Now the problem is if there will be an answer. Last time I used such stuff it took weeks to get an answer and the codes.
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