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June 5th, 2013, 01:54
I actually disagree with the OP.

First, yes, MMO has a tons of content, but it's not just about the quantity. Most of the quest you do in MMO are same crap - go there and kill x number of mobs to get y numbers of quest items and bring it back. Some quests are interesting indeed, lets you explore the lore of the world and all, but really if you are looking at the % wise, it would be small indeed.

Second, the lore. I think single player games do just as well in this aspect. Plus, due to the nature of MMO (contents continuously being added), there are more plot holes than you can stick your fingers into. At least that's how I feel about WoW (I only played WoW and GW2).

Lastly, social aspect. It is true the world feels more alive and vibrant with all the player running around doing their own things. But this can go bad really quickly too. I don't exactly enjoy the world with trade chat bombarded by "omg i pwned this boss by myself, I'm like so awesome" or something like "anal [insert ability here]". Also the number of dickheads I had to play with during the dungeon/raid runs could easily make your night ruined (and I already have little time as it as to enjoy after I come home from work). To make things worse, most enjoyable part of MMO contents (at least for WoW), you cannot do it on your own. You need at least 2 people (2v2 arena). I used to be guild and people there were really friendly and all, but as we all understand, real life comes first and people eventually start leave (baby, job, study etc etc). That means the only option I have is to count on random group assignment and hopefully the person I'm doing the dungeon/raid isn't a dick.

Don't get me wrong. I still love MMO. I still play the damn thing. But these are the problems that I'm facing now and I just *LOVE* to find a decent single player game that I haven't played/finished yet. I love BG2 type of game and I'm just crossing my fingers big time for Torment and Project Eternity to finish. 2014 just seems too long, sigh.
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