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June 5th, 2013, 06:10
Originally Posted by Ihaterpg View Post
I never noticed your reviews despite many hours lost in the forum, well I usually don't read reviews. But that's very cool stuff.
Thanks! I'm hoping people catch on and start popping reviews/commentaries in here so they'll be easy to find. The "I just finished playing…" topic has lots of good ones but they are all jumbled into one, big topic.

They spread more selling points so you could sell your stuff before having to drop it or go back. It's an indirect improvement point, but the effect is quite real, it lowdown a lot the respawn. But strangely it seems it didn't worked for you, I wonder why.
Different play styles? I do tend to poke around a lot. If the respawns are timed, that would do it.
In case you have to come back to a place, you are most often approaching from a different direction and they put care to have respawn places and their fight setup quite different depending of your direction approach. It's because those respawn places are very structured area places and structured respawn.
Or maybe this. It sounds like I was back tracking more to sell off guns.

About the graphics: So you seem on the realist point of view, the more realistic and the more detailed, the better it is.
Yep! I'm afraid the cell shade thing just doesn't please me. (Except for the water. Flowing cartoon water messes with my mind in a pleasant way.)
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