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June 5th, 2013, 10:17
Played a bit more City of Bywater scenario which is the base (small) scenario with the game. Omg I hadn't played it since 2000/2001 and had forgot how cool and fun it is.

I was looking for some more information when I saw in wiki page a mention that codes has been given free for all scenario. So my memory wasn't that bad after all. I didn't bother get it because I had already all the scenario, in Mac version which is the more advanced version. But now it's quite outdated and the windows version is the reference, even on Mac through OSX wrapper.

But thanks it's quoted and duplicated through the wiki system to keep a track of stuff even if later they are removed. So here the codes kindly provided by Skip Meier in charge of the game and its source (the copyright situation isn't clear and is complicated by scenario authors involvement).

So in complement of previous post and kindly provided by Skip Meier on game groups (but probably now removed):
3) Your registration number for Assault on Giant Mountain is: 2731903
4) Your registration number for Castle in the Clouds is: 1850227
5) Your registration number for Destroy the Necronomicon is: 300754
6) Your registration number for White Dragon is: 302208
7) Your registration number for Grilochs Revenge is: 687525
8) Your registration number for Trouble in the Sword Lands is: 1533542
9) Your registration number for Mithril Vault is: 162011

There isn't the codes for the last scenario, included the two last part of The Swords Lands trilogy. But once you have registered you can play a large part of them and it seems that through the order page on fantasoft site you can still buy them for 3$ each.

Really if you like, you should buy few of them, that will be cool for Skip and authors still in contact. Again, to start the game, City of Bywater is really advised and seems a rather interesting piece of RPG. There's also the manual on fantasoft site (search realmz manual) and it's really advised to give it a look plus there's the list of commands and this can help.

Through OSX Wrapper around Windows version I got something quite solid. I did crash a lot at first, always the same bug generated by some interface actions. But then just clicking the windows close box makes the game ask to save or not before quitting. And save in that condition seems work fine. After some hours I learned more or less consciously how avoid the bug by not doing the "wrong" interface actions. And now it seems working very well.
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