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June 5th, 2013, 19:51
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
I'm not exactly a Star Trek fan, but I watched most of the series including the animated one which I personally like best out of them all - haven't seen Enterprise, however.
I enjoyed Enterprise. It's much closer to the original series than to TNG. Mankind is inexperienced in everything space travel. Their equipment is primitive, their experience with other species almost zilch. Space is the wild west. Cpt. Archer solves most conflicts cowboy style but with a conscience, just like Kirk. Add some overarching story elements, high production values and interesting races and you get quite an entertaining mix. While one could argue it lacked the grandeur of TNG and DS9, the beating Enterprise received was unjustified IMHO. Ignore the German loca though. It's terrible.

ST:Into Darkness was good entertainment, I think. And better than the first film. The biggest weakness was the split into 2 bad guys. It would have been better to make Khan deeper.
The original ST2:TWoK was much more intense, although its story was basically a Moby Dick rip-off.
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