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June 5th, 2013, 20:10
Originally Posted by AppleIntimidation View Post
And wtf is wng with so called hardcore gamers. All they y at anniuncements like this is "I never asked for this." And they neve say that stuff for crappy 3ds and vita stuff:

Ita funny how you people claim to be "objective" wh it comes to the platform yet jusge games berore theyre even releases. Compare those domments to the ones on the toucharcade announcement above.
Not sure who "you people" are, but I have no problem admitting I can't be objective when it comes to pc gaming. PC has been my #1 gaming platform for a good chunk of my adult life and I definitely have a bias.

Having said that though the gap between pc gaming and ipad gaming is so great right now there's nothing to be objective about really. I've yet to see anything on ipad that's even givin me pause to think about. For example Warhammer quest is the best ipad game I've played to date and it wouldn't earn any time on my pc with my current backlog.

Take into account though pc gaming experiences differ. PC gaming for me is in a dedicated room on an 85" projector screen, 7.2 surround sound and a pc that will run anything out there and then some. I'm sorry an ipad can't compete with that and weren't really made to. The are made more for content delivery.

Now if apple ever got serious about gaming and released a controller and K&M and an easy way to connect to your tv or monitor I think they could do some damage.

That's my opinion anyway. From a bias pc gamer.
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