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June 5th, 2013, 21:34
Also the esperince is much more perso al. Iremember I was following the threat on TouchAcade on Aralon when it was being made and someone rally wanted to play it or anelder scolls game on iPhone and not even iPad. He claimed that lying down at night in his bed with the headphones on is a very personal and captivating experience. Like I said TA forums are a different breed of gamers. To them the controls arent the point or how complex a game is but the overall experience. They just look at things differently than tou guys do. Personally, conplexity is the reason I dont touch neverwinter nights 2 or most PC games. It takes too long to relearn the mechanics just for an hour playthough every other week or so. Ive had the same problem with Homeworld. Great games but the mechanics are too cumbersome. Same with total wa i just want to playnotgo through tutorials.
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