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June 5th, 2013, 22:37
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
I don't personally see anything revolutionary about Half Life - because System Shock was there in all the important ways, doing it better years before.

The fact that it was a pure shooter as opposed to a cerebral shooter - makes zero difference in terms of it not innovating much at all.

Unless, of course, you consider doing something in an inferior way in a genre that's more dedicated to be a revolution. That's not something I can agree with.

But, as GBG said, it did do some neat technical things - but I'd have to say Unreal and Quake both were quantum leaps ahead - when you take time of release into account.

Half Life was more about taking an existing engine and doing some magic tricks with it - where as Unreal and Quake were complete engines that both represented true technological revolutions.
Unreal and Quake were quantum leaps ahead of Half-Life? If you say so.

If we were talking only from a technical perspective, then yeah, those games were the first to be created with their respective graphics engines.

In terms of overall impact, I'd say they were all very close. In terms of the single player experience, I think Half-Life destroyed them.

Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
As I recall, several reviews mentioned how clumsy and awkward it was in terms of controls - and how Doom 2 was so much smoother and prettier.

Maybe that's not being bashed - but that's how I perceived it.

I can appreciate the controls being a mouthful for a pure shooter fan - but if they'd bothered to look beyond them - they'd have found something quite unique and powerful.
I don't have a problem with reviewers saying those things as they're not necessarily untrue. It's easy to understand how the majority would see Doom II as being "smoother and prettier". Doom II did have a certain kind of flow that SS lacked in regards to movement. It was also released before the CD version of SS, and iirc the original release of SS was limited to 320x200 resolution.

So yeah, Doom II did have certain advantages even if the game itself was much smaller in scope and ambition. Those advantages may have been superficial to gamers like us, but I can see why critics would mention them.
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