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June 6th, 2013, 11:04
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
RoA is of the few classic crpg series that I've never played at all. This looks great though. How did Blade of Destiny stack up against the sequels?
I would say that the RoA series suffered from "modernization".
The first game has quite basic graphics, no animated sequences (besides of the intro which was done by a third party which also explains why the orcs are green in the intro instead of brown as they are in this universe).
With the second part this changed a little bit. They implemented 3D graphics and you were able to switch between step by step or free movement, some more cutscenes. The cost? The area it took place was much smaller. I think there were only like 5 towns or so where you could actually walk in (instead of the like 50 in the first part) the other ones were text only. It still was quite open, and while it featured some stuff aside from the main story, it was far less as in the first part.
Blade of Destiny you could call a pure sandbox. You had to bring together the majority of pices from a map. And they were spread all out over the region and hardly connected to each other. When you get which pice was up to you. And there were also lots of places and dungeons not remotely related to the story at all. Not the case with the second part.
This also reflects in the music btw: The first game has music on the very "basic" level, originally blips and bleeps which were then remastered for the CD version (which is also used in the remake as you can hear in the trailer) The music seems more "basic" but has very clear melodies which burn into your brain.
The second game's music became less "sticky" but more atmospheric.

The 3rd game of the series is the logical follow up. While it's still a great game, it continues the path chosen before. Shadows over Rive is purely linear. You cannot travel at all (no travel map). The regions you enter are all done in full 3d. Lots of text was voice overed. The music is very atmospheric but does not stick in your mind at all.

In my opinion the first game was the best, and then directly followed by the second. The third one wasn't bad but follows in some distance.

The second game was a good mix of "modernization" at that time and "basic" sandbox elements.
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