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June 6th, 2013, 22:03
So far testing for up to five levels 20x20 now.

two things have come up

one, a bug involving the acquisition of spells. it seems that obtaining a spell "out of order" will drop the original off the list. I have to understand what's happening completley here. Maybe the the array is getting reset.

the other is a limitation of Android

it seems you can't have both vertical and horizontal scroll bars on the same activity layout. I'm testing the much larger MiniMap on the levels and seeing how it reacts to the screensize. As predicted scroll bars didn't generated automatically so encapsulated the minimap into a Scrollview.

Well, you can mix horizontal and vertical scrollviews I read, but its really bad. There is a large class that has developed a workaround for this but I read its a performance hog. I'd hate to add such a large class for just one feature in the game.

Most people get around this using Webviews instead of Scrollviews. However, the minimap is generated code and dynamic HTML generation isn't documented around the android world. Hmm..I bet its documented for Java in general. This might not be so difficult to create a table with a few divs and background images…

Anyways, the other idea I have is to tag the scrollbars to the rotation of the screen. It basically generates the minimap in a scrollview of a portrait or landscape where the scrollbar is on the shorter side. Its an intersting idea but in practice I don't know if people will find it clever or annoying.

As it is I'm almost inclined to leave it. Getting a minimap for just part of the screen (on small devices) has an interesting character - it still leaves a certain amount of mystery.
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