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June 8th, 2013, 01:16
As far as I'm concerned, the whole MMORPG concept is impossible. It simply doesn't work. Period.

You don't agree? Solve this conundrum then: Me and my little party of adventurers kill a certain monster and loot it. The monster is now dead and the loot is gone. No, we can't come back, kill the same monster again and get some different loot the second time. That would make no sense. Neither can anybody else kill the monster and loot it. That would make just as little sense. There simply isn't room for more than a handful of heroes in a reasonable story.

As for now, MMORPGs are simply bloated single player games with lots of other people in them, people who can but destroy immersion; break the illusion of something even remotely resembling a believeable world, all of them playing more or less the same role in the same story in parallell.

I know that it "works" for lots of people. The social aspect adds something. But it doesn't add anything I want. And it removes the player one layer further from the game world.
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