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June 8th, 2013, 06:48
I haven't found any comment about this game, but the forum's search is rude to use. I was wondering if I want buy it or not because it's Sweedish weekend at Gamersgate and that's one of the rare Mac game in the list.

It's mainly a turn based strategy game so it's perhaps normal that there's no comment here despite its heavy amount of Fantasy lore and numerous RPG elements.

The fights are automatic, you can view them or/and consult the results through some numbers. The core is to manage in the world map, it's a bit like games as Hearts of Iron or Imperial Glory, but without diplomacy in single player and if economic incomes seem important, the management and complexity seems war oriented.

There's three keys for this game, the amount of possibilities, the amount of lore, the multiple RPG elements:
  • Quantity: There are more than 60 different nations, 1500 different units, 600 spells and 300 magic items in the game. More over there's many synergy elements making the game even more complicate to master.
  • Lore: The manual is more than 300 pages with a lot of lore information and there's also many lore information in game. And the various race/faction have many different sources, from Greek legends to Lovecraft, and many more.
  • RPG: You avatar is a God with special characteristics, there's heroes that level up and can equip items, each unit is recruited, they can't equip items, but each unit grow old, can get ill, can catch diseases, can lose limbs, can gain traits. You can met sort of NPC, for example a mage who can help you in magic research. And there's events, random or perhaps location based.

Let see, character and party management, exploration, and a story you can easily build yourself based on the ton of lore information and events, yeah it's a CRPG… if an admin could move the post to RPG section that would be cool.

Search reviews of the game brings many results, to get an idea, even if it's from a pure strategy context (Total War Center), that review is both clear and detailed:
The dev site list also few reviews that are interesting to check.

To complete the list of positive elements listed before, a list of negative:
  • Bad graphics and in some contexts you need select a unit to know its type, not only each unit can have distinct attributes but also multiple unit types will share a similar graphic.
  • The interface design seems weak, but I haven't seen the explanation of this weakness.
  • The game seems rather heavy in micro management, I still wonder why, a guess is it's because even if fights are automatic you need organize your army precisely and each unit is different.
  • The amount of elements generates a high complexity level that will probably discourage many players, even more because the AI seems beat hard newbie players.
  • It's a… 2006 game, and sit down before to read further, it's a 50% sale, cool but it's still more than 11€ with the sale. The game was sold only on dev site during a long time and at a very high price (probably box only version). Until not so long ago when the price was quite lowered but it's not cheap for a rather old and pure indie game.

So the question : I was wondering if anybody here tried it and how they feel it in single player.
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