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June 8th, 2013, 16:58
Well… in RoA you could pray to certain gods and get favors, depending on how much you donate at their temples IIRC. That's not exactly what I was talking about, I was thinking of something deeper, of an actually hidden statistic that tracks your affiliation with a particular god. In Drakensang 1 Praios (god of light), Phex (god of stealth) and Hesinde (goddess of magic) were mentioned most often, so I thought that maybe they could have some hidden aspect, at least Praios vs. Phex.

Some instances that I remember:

- joining the Thieves' guild could raise your status with Phex

- completing the riddle in the markt square temple could raise your status with Praios

- sneaking up to the castle could raise your status with Phex, while a frontal assault could raise your status with Praios

- ditto for the assault on the harbor fortress in Drakensang 2

- joining the Inquisition: +1 Praios, helping the witches: +1 Hesinde

- raiding the shrine in the prologue of Drakensang 2: -1 Efferd

this could have resulted in some interesting mechanics where melee combat and defense against spells would be aided by Praios, but Phex would help with sneaky gameplay. But yeah, this probably was never implemented.




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