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June 8th, 2013, 17:36
Thank you, some points are more clear now.

A point: you are saying single player is in fact easy but there's no difficulty setup? If it's easy at first attempt and there's no difficulty setup it will be hardly fun single player.

I can roughly imagine how tedious it is to select each unit and positioning it in various groups and have to do it each time you recruit or reorganize armies. But at least it seems building groups and then only setup groups is possible, that's better than what I vaguely imagined. For the rituals and recruiting if there's no thinking and it must be done every turn that is very boring, but if there's decisions and thinking it's not a problem.

I recently played a lot Endless Space and when the number of system and planet rise that makes each turn very long. But any action you do during the turn is a decision or decision change, that's the core of the game and where the fun is. During first games when learning a lot of elements and having many decisions changes I had many turns that last easily one hour each.

I discovered I had already Conquest of Elysum 3, from the same dev. It seems like an attempt to streamline a bit. Perhaps they pushed it a little far, there' no army positioning, 18 "races" well that's not so small but still a lot less, units seem not have anymore special traits, wounds and stuff. First quick attempt was a bit weird. But there's the spell/sacrifice for each turn and each commander, moving each army, and eventually transferring units.

They probably took care in that streamlined approach to have each unit type has a unique graphic, also it seems the map graphics are well detailed and diversified. And there's many difficulty levels for each AI.

Those first quick tries was like trying a game a bit casual but it's also because I hadn't took care about the spells at each turn. It's still strange to not have any town management at all, beside checking what bring resources or not for later decisions.

My temporary conclusion is I should better really play that streamlined version before to any attempt to buy Dominion 3. I'm not at all an extreme fan of tedious non interesting or repetitive micro management and there's a high chance I won't like the army units positioning. Frankly that Conquest of Elysum 3 is rather cold for now and I haven't enter yet in the lore that doesn't seem that much developed, but by digging it more and better it will perhaps change, also I should give a look to the manual.
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