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June 9th, 2013, 18:32
The reality is that there is massive Apple hate and condescension here at the Watch, which is fine - I mean, most of us are PC gamers first, just as we are RPG lovers who are not fans of much of what has happened to our favored genre in the name of 'console mainstreaming'.

But the reality is that there is *exactly ONE* growth area for games - tablets/smartphones. Therefore, in the interest of money you can expect this trend to continue. Another reality is that the primary casualty is consoles & handhelds - look what iOS & Android did to the casual games market on the Wii and DS!

I just hope that we finally get some really awesome RPGs for the platform … there have been plenty of 'good' ones, but even most of those are better described as 'good, but …' games. And from early previews about the control compromises in FPS mode, it looks like we are seeing the same thing here.
-- Mike
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