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June 9th, 2013, 22:30
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
You don't have to agree it is a simple matter of numbers. Look over the last few years - console sales numbers down, handheld sales numbers down, overall gaming industry down. And yet for iOS and Android, the growth since 2008 has been >75% every year, to the point that even with the average price of a game being <$2, the share of market has gone from marginal to a huge percentage, dominating handhelds over the last several months and capturing an increasing amount of the total market.

I mean in 2012 the traditional video game market was down 22%. Yet iOS and Android were up ~80-100%.

There is a difference between 'current reality' and 'future trends'. We can debate where things will be next week, next month or next year.
Pc games and even PC peripherals experienced sales growth so your "exactly one" statement is exactly false.

As far as numbers go you need to look a little deeper, anyone can use numbers to support their view as long as they pick the right numbers.

PC users can point to the fact that PC games did experience growth and PC still remains the largest install base. Don't sleep on kickstater either which will continue to grow and contribute alot of money into PC gaming.

Console is down, yes but it's also at the end of a way too long cycle and the release of the new consoles will have people wowing at the console sales numbers. whooppee.

The IOS and mobile numbers are huge. Of course they are, its still relativity new (so the have much more room for growth) and taps in to a market that pc and console don't really.

My wife and her cousins, sisters and even grandpa. People that have never gamed or dabble a little when they were kids are now gamers, thanks IOS.

The huge growth is because of games like angry birds, candy crush, temple run etc. Not games like KOTOR, BGEE or avadon, or some great in depth game, these games contribute very little.

Is that good for gaming?

Everyone that I talk to. Which admittedly is just a very, very small number of the total install base for IOS, likes mobile gaming because it doesn't require commitment. You can pick it up play for 5-10 min and stop. That doesn't bode well for the future of large involving game on IOS.

Now the Developers are going to follow the money and if the money is in shallow game that you can pick up and put down in a moments notice then that's what we will see more of.

I think they are going to test the waters, and have already started to with BGEE and KOTOR to make more involving games for IOS. If the casual gamer which dominates the mobile gaming space at the moment doesn't embrace these game because they require too much commitment then that trend will be short lived and it will continue to be a dumping grounds for shallow casual games.

So while IOS and mobile is certainly growing, is it really the kind of growth that longtime gamers want to see? Well, I can"t speak for everyone but not this longtime gamer.
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