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June 9th, 2013, 21:48
Originally Posted by FretRider View Post
Also Trash once revealed Wyrmlord's real name and put up links to his parents store in the codex. Obviously, the guy was trolled and he then acted innocent and actually pointed fingers at me(I did nothing to the guy besides jokingly threatening him). The dude is beyond being a vermin. You look at his pictures and you see that he actually looks like one too.
Missed this. Why am I not surprised. You mean the guys accusing people of wrongdoing are the ones who openly do wrong shit? And not wrong like oh you hurt my feelings wrong, but genuiniely fucking with people. All for no reason but that they can.

I haven't seen Trash's picture but this conforms to my mental image. Take john lenin in his short hair days, remove any charm or charisma and make him look a little more seedy and wimpy and presto! Too bad the Train Tickets! happened while I was away, I would happily have gone as sheek's ringer.

And again like I said it would always be someone with someone with generalized anxiety disorder like he has (if someone has to take anti anxiety meds for high blood pressure outside of combat situation this is the diagnosis). I bet if you look back at his whole history there's no point where he doesn't have a grudge against someone.
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