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June 9th, 2013, 22:26
The ps2 game looks actually really interesting. What do tou think of it and how well it is implemented on iPad? Its funny how in the original they refer to Halberd as Halbard:

Also, looking at that review made me realize how happy it is to be living in a post PC world. By bringing these types of games on the iPd I can finally be ased to play them and. Enjoy them. I wont touch a game that has constant loading or switching floppy disks or cds and annoying dos commands. That is not what the post pc world is about. This world is about comfort, efficiency and fun gaming. Not some annoying cumbersome relics of the past. The post pc world doesnt involve any cd drives even as evidence by the latest imacs dropping them and the entire pc world following wuit. Steam is very much a part of the post pc world just as ios is.
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