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June 9th, 2013, 23:34
Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
Pc games and even PC peripherals experienced sales growth so your "exactly one" statement is exactly false.
That is very true - PC game sales increased by 8% in 2012, and console / handheld decreased 28%.

Thanks for the correction … it was actually a point I used in pushing off the 'PC gaming is dead' in another thread!

Originally Posted by sakichop View Post
So while IOS and mobile is certainly growing, is it really the kind of growth that longtime gamers want to see? Well, I can"t speak for everyone but not this longtime gamer.
There are two questions - what gamers want and what makes business sense. Folks like EA are pushing mobile HARD because they see the opportunity for games that cost $500k to make and bring in $25 million. A 50:1 ratio is hard to get in PC and especially console gaming - on PC that game would cost $10 million and on console it would be a minimum of $50 million for a mainstream game.

And in reality the games that are selling $750 million cost >$100 to make - not even counting marketing. So I would bet that Call of Duty: Whatever Number We're On Now only has a cost to earnings ratio of ~3:1.

As for what gamers want … I have plenty of Match-3 games, plenty of rehashes … I would like something new and interesting on my iPad, thanks. As for PC gaming … still going strong!
-- Mike
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