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June 10th, 2013, 02:58
Originally Posted by revjwh View Post
rune_74 that was my first thought! In fact even the screen capture before I clicked to play it reminded me so much I thought for a moment it was Eschalon III. I hope they didn't rip it from the team …. perhaps a quick email on basiliskgames site will let them check it out.
If it is well they have a problem then. Let me remind you though you can use the same engine if it's available to use freely. The basic tilesets are not owned by anybody.

Though in there own words it is there own.
The Engine

Balrum uses our own inhouse engine.From the start we wanted to create an engine that is really fast and not demanding.

A few features:

-PC, Mac, Linux
-2D Isomertic, tile based
-The engine allows you to play the game at really high resolutions.
-dynamic lighting
-directional sound
-resizeable GUI
-smooth fog of war
-weather effects
-day/night cycle
-low system requirements even at maximum settings

System requirements:

CPU: 1.6Ghz (even Atom)

Memory: 1GB is recommended but if your system is tidy than 512MB will do.
Graphics card: Intel: GMA945 or an ATi/NVIDIA card that is no more than 7 years old

Minimum resolution: 960576
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