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June 10th, 2013, 04:03
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I'm not against adding any kind of marriage in the game, but my problem with this project is that your hero ages andů eventually dies.
Now that's not something I'd wanna play.

Since it's 17 more days, I'll still hold, as if your hero dies, that means only one thing. No predefined story and if story at all, then it's sandbox - and I don't want (to buy) that.

Besides, I've said in the first news, DoubleFine should cut the crap and make BrutalLegend2 already. With or without gay marriages, who cares.
They have already been clear about what kind of game it will be in that respect - it will have a progression story in the way that XCOM Enemy Unknown does - it won't be an adventure RPG starring your avatar, like say Dragensang. It probably wouldn't be possible to make Brutal Legend 2 on the kind of budget that you can reasonably get on Kickstarter. Certainly the first game ran well into the tens of millions to make.

It's not the gay marriage thing that's a problem per se, it's the fact that the game was intended to be about blood lines and so they would have to come up with some artificial measure whereby gay couples adopt children, which nevertheless have the genetic traits of the gay parents - it's just a wholly unnecessary contortion in order to pander to the political correctness of the day and IMOP that doesn't belong in a fantasy computer game. It's lucky that the LOTR films were made a few years ago or, no doubt, they would have adapted it so that Aragorn ended up married to a gay elf.
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