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June 10th, 2013, 17:09
Originally Posted by jhwisner View Post
I think these guides in general are now more aimed at the people who buy up game merchandise and special editions and maybe want a video game equivalent of a coffee table book. The wikis that cover bethesda games generally become quite extensive and do so fairly rapidly - including helpful notes such as bugs and how to avoid and resolve them which will not be found in most guides. They're really not aimed at people who are thinking "value for money" as far as it being just a guide go as a large part of their purchasing equation. It's probably more about wanting to own something that maybe looks cool and/or has some decent production values.
Yup - and I'm in that category. Some guides are very well written and make interesting reads/coffee-table perusing, just like some collectors edition art books do as well etc. My first guide was for Wing Commander I & II and it had a load of lore/back story that wasn't anywhere in the game (the story of the hero's academy and background of the characters). Most modern guides aren't all that good (looking at you, Witcher 2), but the bethesda ones have been great.
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