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June 10th, 2013, 19:46
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
Oh I don't have a problem with that, in fact, it's what I like about it. Open your mind a bit, it's not "your hero". The "PC" here is a dynasty, just like in Crusader Kings 2, you're not playing a king or even a kingdom, you're playing a dynasty.
Yeah that's the most appealing part about this for me as well. It's something that isn't done all that often, and it in no ways prevents telling a story. In many ways the story of a dynasty can be much more epic then the story of an individual person.

I could care less either way about the gay marriage things, I think people are blowing that one out of proportion based on a single article. It's just a small thing they added to the game because their backers were interested in it. The only reason it became news is because Rock Paper Shotgun chose to write an article about in order to illustrate how things can be done differently in a kickstarter project.

In terms of it making sense, I don't see how their has to be any genetic component. Stories are full of children being adopted by a great hero or wizard and growing up to become one themselves.
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