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June 11th, 2013, 00:08
Back to playing Gothic. Explored the new camp and surroundings and am now cleaning up some stray monsters. That Lefty was a pain in the ass.

Saving up points to be a mage so I used the bone bow to take him out, but kept killing him rather than knocking him out, and then enraging the camp. Jemy said that bows wouldn't kill quest NPCs like him, but they sure do. Have to get hitpoints down to zero, then run up (without getting killed) to do a takedown strike with melee to knock him out. Also kite him away from his thug, who will run after you if you shoot Lefty. All those peasants also get in the way of my bow. Talk about trial and error. In general, I don't mind trial and error to get the swing of monster attacks, etc. But this seemed more random than most…
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