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June 11th, 2013, 06:18
Why is it that elder scrolls has always been one of the premier PLAYER VS ENVIRONMENT games in all of RPG land and this pinhead's idea of group combat is PvP? If I could reach thru the internet and slap him I would.

Screw PvP in MMORPGs. It sucks. It's stupid. It's pointless. Everybody thinks they can do such an amazing job with it yet it always ends up the same - unbalanced, sucking, meaningless, pointless, exploited, fake, lame, etc.

Leave PvP to genres that do it well - there are plenty of them. The core of RPGs is PvE. Nobody ever got together to play PnP D&D to kill each other. DUDE, I backstab you with my dagger of infiniate uber +20 and you are dead a MOFO! Shortest D&D session ever. In the many years I played PnP D&D nobody ever even remotely considered killing each other. MMOs are like the evolution of PnP RPGing…except somewhere along the way some psychotic wanna be homicidal maniac thought it'd be a good idea for people in MMOs to kill each other for no reason other than they can.

PvP is in an MMO is a stupid idea - especially when your company is a god of PvE content. Your millions of fans have been playing single player PvE for 15 years, so you decide to go PvP heavy and don't even have group PvE content sorted you yet? Morons.

You already do single player excellently - no need to put it online if it's just going to be single player with morons chatting and crushing immersion and doing meaningless fake PvP. If you're not doing online to take the PvE game to greater heights, like GROUPING, like playing skyrim-like content with friends, then why did you even bother making this game?

A couple of rich kids got together, got high, and said, dude, wouldn't it be cool if we could take our skyrim characters and have, like, these huge PvP battles like DAoC on steroids, that have nothing at all to do with elder scrolls, but we could, like, get high, and like, gib some nubs? DUDE!?!!!!?! DUDE< MY LEGENDARY DAEDRIC TWO HANDER PWNT YOU!

You have to be on drugs to take one of the best PvE RPG franchises of all time and think turning it into a PvP game is a good idea.

This game, like Neverwinter, shouldn't even have PvP. PvP in NW is an insult to D&D. PvP in ES is an insult to their own game franchise.


Please start pounding SOE for info on EQNext since it's looking like TESO is going to be a waste of time and space.
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