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June 11th, 2013, 06:27
I think you mean Stardock. And Civ 6 will be great when it comes out in a few years but they're only up to 5. I consider 5 to be best in series and I don't see how anybody could judge such a behemoth of a game by just playing it once, but whatever floats your iceberg. Civ, or any strategy game, can drag in mid/late game depending on how you play and how victory is setup. The next Civ xpac (in july) *is* looking to address this issue some.

I need to give FE:LH a go since I got it for free from preordering the original disaster ages ago.


This game looks interesting but I could say that about 10+ different games that seem to be perpetually in development. Eventually some of these things have to be done and ready to play, starting with SRR here shortly! Lots were are kickstarted too (and orchestrated a bit less shadily than SRR perhaps) so it'll be interesting to see how they pan out.
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