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June 11th, 2013, 07:40
With Fallen Enchantress some games I'd skip the mob mop up winning with master quest or spell of making if I started to get over it. Feels kinda cheap when you have 1 town and 40 points and beat the guy with the whole map and 1000 points. Either way, the end is the end whether you win or lose so what's it matter.

With AOW I've only played multiplayer games and it wasn't too hard to finish a guy off by capturing all his wizard towers since people didn't build many.

What's this 6 races rubbish, though? What happened to 12? I'm pissed off I have to buy 2 expansions to get all the races from the prequel when I won't touch the bulk of the content offered since I won't play the singleplayer campigns.
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